Why Use GEMS?

GEMS understands the needs of international students!

GEMS focuses on placing international students in quality short-term study programs.  Our Global Study Abroad program is designed for students who wish to experience study abroad but intend to return to their home country for degree completion. 

Our partner universities understand the needs of international students too.  GEMS works with universities which have the knowledge and student support services to offer students a comprehensive Global Study Abroad experience. 

GEMS supports international students all along the way!

GEMS Admissions Advising provides international students the resources and support necessary for Global Study Abroad.  We prescreen all applicants to ensure that only qualified students apply to our programs.  While GEMS cannot guarantee acceptance to any program, GEMS Admissions Advising assists students throughout the application process. 

GEMS’ commitment to the needs of the student produces a positive and fulfilling experience.  We wish to provide you an experience that brings joy and happiness as you fulfill your study goals, move into the job market and develop your future career.

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